About Us

Roxari Jewelry is a proud subsidiary of the renowned Hameed Jewellers m a paradigm of excellence and creativity in the jewelry industry. The history of Hameed Jewellers dates back to 1948, when operations were first started metropolis of Karachi. Since then, Hameed Jewellers has established itself as the premier brand of the jewelry products throughout the country and abroad as well.

Roxari Jewelry continues this proud tradition of excellence and innovation that is expected from the Lineage of Hameed Jewelers. Roxari Jewelry aims to expand the perceptions of beauty of its valued clientele by offering exclusive International-standard silver products. The intricacy and innovative craftsmanship of Roxari Jewelry are unrivalled, reaching unmatched levels of excellence and customer satisfaction. Roxari Jewelry products feature latest computerized and made-to-order designs, incorporating the use of precious and semi-precious stones in their manufacture.

Roxari Jewelry also aims to expand the high-quality service standards that are synonymous with the Hameed Jewelers name. This exceptional level of service includes lifetime product maintenance for maximum customer satisfaction. Roxari Jewelry aims to forge an identity for itself as visionary experts and innovators in elegant, fashionable Jewelry, establishing itself as an excellence standard in the hearts and minds of its valuable customers.€€‹‹›