Jewelry Care Guide

Perfume Icon | Roxari Avoid Perfume & Sweat 

Avoid spraying directly on your jewelry. Tip, wear your jewelry after you have sprayed your perfume and prevent it from your body sweat.

Lotion icon | Roxari Avoid Reacting With Chemicals

Lotions and creams may contain acidic ingredients which may react with your jewelry polish.Avoid skin moisturising cream that gets in contact with your jewelry.

 Avoid Water & Soap

We recommend removing your jewelry before stepping into shover or washing your hands to your jewelry shining for long period of time.

Zip lock Icon | Roxari Keep Your Jewelry Air Tight

We recommend  to keep your jewelry in an air tight zip lock plastic bag when not wearing them to keep your jewelry finish last for years.

Diamond icon | Roxari Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Genuine silver requires extra care especially is moisture environment.Wear your jewelry when its worth wearing it.You can use a lint free cloth to clean your jewelry after wearing it and keep it air tight for safe keeping.